What Popular Flowers Should I Grow in my Garden this Summer?

What Popular Flowers Should I Grow in my Garden this Summer?

Many people nowadays have a crush on gardening, and one of the main reasons is to be more sustainable for themselves. For myself, I decided to make use of every opportunity and enhance every aspect of gardening techniques and putting efforts day after day.

Once I have my mind set, my focus will increase 10 folds to plant and grow flowers and vegetables. I have done a bit of research on which flowers to start off with as a beginner.

The most renowned and recommended flowers

Even the Specialists and seasonal gardeners have sometimes difficulty in growing flower depending on the species. They are very conscious on several factors associated with the correct selection of flower plants. Below are possible suggestions to begin with.

  • Rose Madame Alfred Carriere
  • Rose Goldfinch
  • Peony Festiva Maxima
  • Oriental poppy Karine
  • Mexican fleabane
  • Masterwort
  • Clematis Perle d’Azur

Rose Madame Alfred Carriere

If you love flowers with the most impressive colour, then you may try this Blush-white rose called the Alfred carriere. This plant grows well in good deep soil. This plant thrives growing along a fence or building.

Rose Goldfinch

Popular amongst younger generations, this flower called the rose goldfinch is a popular choice but needs to be planted along a wall of around 13 feet. Once a year during the summer it will produce clusters of apricot.

Peony Festiva Maxima

Creamy white double flowers make the peony festiva maxima stand out from your everyday flowers. It is one of the most popular choices. These flowers are subtly in colours with dark purple, rose and pink. Mainly you will find them as a white colour flower. Very good soil will be needed and also space of around a meter in circumference.

Oriental poppy Karine

This beautiful choice will need some fertile soil with lots of sun. It has average growth rate and it does attract beautiful butterflies to it. So make sure to bring out your cameras or have your cell phone ready for a picture.

Mexican fleabane

The Mexican fleabane produces blush pink and white daisies of tiny size from spring to November. Is best grown in the full sun but with some midday sun would be ideal. Just be careful because it is considered an invasive flower because it is self seeded.


Masterwort is suitable for long flowering season in the summer. The foremost attraction of this plant is its candy-pink petals. Make sure to to let this plant grow in partial sunlight and moist soil in 2 feet or 60cm.

Clematis Perle d’Azur

Clematis Perle d’Azur is known for its rounded azure-blue flowers. This flowers set is against the mid-green foliage from the summer to early autumn. You have to protect its roots of this from the sun as it will affect its growth.

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