Top 5 Hardy Houseplants Anyone Can Grow

Top 5 Hardy Houseplants Anyone Can Grow

Admit it, we’ve all, at some stage, killed a houseplant. You may have been given it as a gift or purchased it on the spur of the moment, but if there’s one thing for sure; you intended on looking after it. But, sometimes houseplants are finicky. If the soil temperature is half a degree off, or the plant was in a shaded spot for 10 minutes too long, they are known to sulk. And, as we’re often leading busy lives, it can be challenging to remember to feed a spoonful of water to a needy plant.

However, there’s nothing quite like owning a houseplant. It livens up your home, brings nature back indoors, and can often lift your mood when you least expect it. Even though you may have killed one or two, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t own them. It merely means you need to opt for something a little hardier, like these options below:

Aloe Vera

We’ve listed aloe vera first because it’s simply one of the best houseplants to own. It’s an easy-care succulent with beautiful elongated leaves, and it fans out in any vase or pot you put it in. It thrives on a sunny kitchen windowsill and adds a brightness to any area in your home. The best part is, it’s a healing plant. If you burn yourself in the kitchen, simply snap a leaf, dab the gel that’s released from it onto the affected area, and experience instant relief!

Cast Iron Plant

If you very rarely remember to water anything and you’re tired of throwing away one dead plant after another, you need a cast iron plant. Well and truly living up to its name, it almost thrives on neglect. It requires low light, low humidity, can handle all kinds of temperatures, and grows slowly. Ensure the soil is evenly moist in summer, but don’t be afraid to neglect it in winter.

Spider plant

If you love plants that add vibrancy to your home, a spider plant is a must. Not only has it been popular with homeowners for a number of years, but it’s versatile in how you can present it. Add it to a pot, or why not display it as a hanging plant? All it needs is evenly moist soil, a bit of sunlight, and a pleasant room temperature to avoid sulking.

Jade Plant

The best thing about a Jade plant is how hard it is to kill. You could forget about it for a number of days, and this unusual succulent will continue to thrive. It has thick, unique leaves, lasts for many years, and looks stunning in any pot. Keep the soil relatively dry, offer it a dose of sunlight, and enjoy the fresh colors it brings to your home.

Zeezee Plant

If you prefer plants to children or animals, this ‘eternity’ plant, or Zeezee plant, is for you. It doesn’t mind lousy lighting or neglect, has lovely fleshy leafstalks and is exceptionally durable. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t kill it. However, you can have kids and children, or you can have this plant; not both. If chewed, it is very poisonous.

If you’re tired of being known as the plant killer, it’s time to step it up a notch. Invest in hardy plants, and add some vibrancy to your home.

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